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Why more memory is a good thing

More Ram is Better

Computer memory is any physical device capable of storing information temporarily or permanently. For example, Random Access Memory (RAM), is a volatile memory that stores information on an integrated circuit used by the operating system, software, and hardware.


Volatile vs. non-volatile memory

Memory can be either volatile and non-volatile memory. Volatile memory is a memory that loses its contents when the computer or hardware device loses power. Computer RAM is an example of a volatile memory and is why if your computer freezes or reboots when working on a program, you lose anything that hasn’t been saved. Non-volatile memory, sometimes abbreviated as NVRAM, is a memory that keeps its contents even if the power is lost. EPROM is an example of a non-volatile memory.

What happens to memory when the computer is turned off?

As mentioned above because memory (RAM) is a volatile memory when the computer loses power anything stored in RAM is lost. For example, as you are working on creating a document it is stored in RAM if it is not saved to a non-volatile memory (e.g. the hard drive) it would be lost if the computer lost power.

Memory is not disk storage

It is very common for new computer users to be confused by what parts in the computer are memory. Although both the hard drive and RAM are memory, it is more appropriate to refer to RAM as “memory” or “primary memory” and a hard drive as “storage” or “secondary storage.”

When someone asks how much memory is in your computer, it is often between 1GB and 16GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) and several hundred gigabytes of even a terabyte of hard disk drive storage. In other words, you always have more hard drive space than RAM.

Upgrading Computer memory (RAM) is one of the quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective ways to boost performance. Many new computers come with only a bare minimum of memory installed. Adding more RAM can add more zip to your system. And installation is not that complicated. Sometimes getting the case off takes more time than installing the actual RAM itself. 

How much memory is enough? An average computer user is probably okay with the basic 1GB of RAM. But as fast as technology changes, so will your need for additional memory. Just remember: more is better. 4GB is what most average users need. But if you’re looking to make your processor really work for you — like for high-end applications, intense gaming and multimedia work 8 or 16GB upgrade RAM will be more your thing. You’ll notice a significant performance gain all around.

Take a glance at what a memory upgrade can do for you

Smoother multitasking
Like to have your charts and e-mail, too? Do you open several programs at the same time and switch between them frequently — and does your current PC moan and groan when you do? Then a memory upgrade is essential for smooth, effortless multitasking. It gives your computer an extra boost so it doesn’t have to use the hard drive to manage data.

Faster Web surfing
Are you a surf-aholic? If you like to spend countless hours on the Internet, but don’t like when your system slows to a crawl, you’ll want to add RAM. No matter how fast your Internet connection is, a memory upgrade can help your browser display pages faster. When your computer can store more data in RAM, it has to swap out less memory to the hard drive. Web sites use rotating banners, Flash and Shockwave animation, streaming audio and other plug-ins as dazzling effects to entice visitors. A computer memory upgrade can give your computer the zip it needs for today’s browsing.

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