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v9com adware browser hijacker is identical to it’s previous variants which redirected Internet users to adware sites around the globe. To avoid installation of such browser settings altering, computer users should be very careful when downloading free software. Nowadays most of freeware download websites are using deceptive download clients that trick computer users into installing advertised browser plug-ins together with the chosen free software. In most of cases advertised browser extensions doesn’t add any real value; moreover, they cause browser redirects and generate intrusive ads. When downloading free programs always closely inspect every step and decline installation of promoted browser plug-ins. When installing the already downloaded freeware use “advanced” or “custom” installation option, this step will reveal installation of any bundled adware. Computer users who are already experiencing browser redirects to adware websites will find it somewhat difficult to get rid of this form of hijack as it penetrates the registry and spreads.

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