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Computers fan Clean needed on most computers after a couple of years.

Computer hardware cleanup
Computer fan blocked by dust.

A computer’s heat sink draws heat away from the CPU, preventing its tiny, delicate circuits from overheating. The large surface area of the heat sink, which is made up of many thin metal fins, allows it to efficiently cool the processor. Over time, in a normal operating environment, the heat sink will become clogged with dust and other debris. The dust reduces the cooling power of the heat sink by lessening the surface area available for cooling. Eventually, the CPU may begin to overheat due to this lower cooling power. To prevent the heat sink from becoming clogged, clean it regularly.

Here is an example of a computers system fan after a couple of years of use.
Symptoms of this can be computer overheats, shuts down unexpectedly and or lots of fan noise and fan always on.
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Computer fans do the job of filtering air through the system to keep the processor nice and cool, after time this also filters
dust and animal hair into the fan that before long it just clogs up.

Computer system hardware cleanup.


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