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Getting the right computer advice could save you hundreds of pounds.

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of PaperYes getting the correct computer advice could save you hundreds of pounds, if in business a it could cost you thousands if you get it wrong,  you could be seriously out of pocket.
If you are thinking of starting up a new business, or just upgrading your existing home computers then a consultation with Aguru Computers is well worth it. We can sit down over a coffee and discuss what you need from your  computer experience, what software will you need to use, what things you might like to do in the near future on your PC, what printers needs do you have, remote access for home users or workers, Wifi range for your gadgets. Based on all the information i gather from you I can then advice on the best software, and hard ware for you project. Weather it be Apple Macintosh or Windows based computing, Servers, Nas, Wifi, Aguru Computers has a vast experience in all these products and show you the best way forward to save you waisting money buying the wrong things.
Even from the very start of a new business Aguru Computers can help you plan your website, domain name, hosting and design.
If you’d like to save monies in these areas and think its worth spending an hour with AGURU then give us a call 07877168149.

Computer installation service

Aguru Computer Installation Service Getting a new computer, or want a guru computers to build you one. we can. Once that’s done, we will: Deliver it to your home Unpack the machine Configure your broadband Ensure your email is working Setup any printers, scanners or multifunctions Configure the machine onto your wireless network** Test that… Continue Reading

Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ended today!

Microsoft support for Windows XP and Office 2003 ended today! What Does This Mean? Like most software developers, Microsoft sends out regular updates that fix any vulnerabilities or problems with their software and operating systems. Considering Windows XP is 13 years old, they’ve decided that now is the right time to cease these updates. This… Continue Reading

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