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Aguru Laptop & Pc Repair Plymouth

Pc Repair Plymouth

PC Repair PlymouthFrom troubleshooting problems to installing new software and security, you can count on us to be your one-stop-shop for all queries PC and laptop related.

Our service is flexible enough to offer repairs and upgrades in the comfort of your own home or alternatively, we can arrange to collect and re-deliver at a time convenient for you, just ask.

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying a new laptop or macbook?  but are unsure what you need to be looking for when it comes to memory and features. We offer advice on all these issues and much more.

Reasons to call AGURUCOMPUTERS PC Repair Plymouth

• We can upgrade the security on your home PC or or laptop
• We can help you back up your precious photos and data
• Concerned about spyware and malware? We can help
• Computer running slowly? Ask us about upgrades
• Having trouble installing new software/printers or scanners?

Affordable friendly no jargon service for all your I.T needs.

Common Laptop, Notebook, Netbook faults that we repair

  • Running very slow
  • Screen replacement
  • Power problems/ Power socket breakage
  • Virus, Malware , Spyware and Trojans
  • Hard drive corruption / Hard drive failure/Blue Screen
  • RAM upgrades
  • Operating system upgrades Windows 7
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Data recovery/data transfer
  • Graphic chip repair/ Motherboard repair- replacement

Plymouth computer repair service.

Data Recovery from a Macbook Air ?

Data Recovery on Macbook Air Flash Drive? The MacBook Air family is a line of ultraportable Macintosh notebook computers which were designed to balance both performance and portability. Like other Macbook computers, Macbook Air are not immune to data loss problems. You may accidentally deleted files with “Delete+Shift” button, empty the recycle bin carelessly to… Continue Reading browser hijacker Removal Plymouth browser hijacker is identical to it’s previous variants which redirected Internet users to adware sites around the globe. To avoid installation of such browser settings altering, computer users should be very careful when downloading free software. Nowadays most of freeware download websites are using deceptive download clients that trick computer users into installing advertised browser… Continue Reading

CryptoLocker viruses be aware.

Crime Agency warned computer users they have just two weeks to protect themselves from the GameOver Zeus, or GOZeuS, and CryptoLocker viruses that threaten to cost the nation millions of pounds. More than 15,000 people in the UK are already thought to have been infected with dangerous malware. GOZeuS hides within email attachments that when… Continue Reading

Computer installation service

Aguru Computer Installation Service Getting a new computer, or want a guru computers to build you one. we can. Once that’s done, we will: Deliver it to your home Unpack the machine Configure your broadband Ensure your email is working Setup any printers, scanners or multifunctions Configure the machine onto your wireless network** Test that… Continue Reading

CryptoLocker A Virus

So you’re happily working on your Windows computer, getting stuff done. Little do you know, your personal files are rapidly being encrypted so that you can’t access them. Suddenly, an alert appears on the screen—you have 96 hours (or four days) to pay $300 or lose all your encrypted personal files forever. A countdown is… Continue Reading

Computer repair Plymouth

Computer Repair Plymouth Is your computers playing up? Won’t boot up, keep getting annoying messages like “illegal operation” or ” fatal exception error” Freezing won’t let you turn it off. Won”t let you get on the Internet or get your email. Or maybe its just getting slow. Give Agurucomputers a call. We will come out… Continue Reading

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