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DC Jack repair on gamers laptop

DC Jack repair on gamers laptop
dcjack-repair-laptopIn the workshop today, well just one of the jobs is a gamers laptop that will not charge because of a broken or loose dc power jack. This is the socket that you plug in your battery power lead to charge your laptop. If this gets loose or breaks then it can render your laptop redundant. Luckily enough Dave at Agurucomputers can supply and fit a new dc jack for you.
Now we don’t always have the part in stock but it normally gets delivered within a couple of day, meaning your laptop is back with you the same week.

Laptop DC Jack replacement

In the workshop a DC Jack Replacement. This clients computer would not power up, looking at the DC power jack we can see why. The laptop needed a complete strip down, clean and replacement power jack. Laptop won’t charge up any more? – Need to hold the plug to make it charge? Power problems with… Continue Reading

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