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Macintosh Upgrade Day

So some of todays jobs.
Macbook Pro lacking some memory, so an upgrade to max it out at 8GB made all the difference.

Imac 2.15″ Replacement Video Graphics unit fitted. This is a time consuming job and no for the non technical minded folk.
Takes a lot of time and patience to carefully strip the Imac out, then rebuild it all with the connection in tact and in the correct place. 🙂IMG_7988 IMG_7990


HP laptop repair

Hp Laptop in the workshop after issues with locked hard drive, would not boot, issues with drive and bios security settings. This security boot option is a thing I’m coming up against more and more now especially in the HP models. Its a real pain for users, and best just disables, unless of course you… Continue Reading

Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade

Imac 27″ in the workshop for an upgrade to solid state SSD. The increase speed combined with the stability of the drive is a fantastic upgrade for any mac. First job is to select a good quality SSD and we chose Crutial. Next to consider is the capacity, what are you going to store? Now… Continue Reading

Aguru Laptop & Pc Repair Plymouth

Pc Repair Plymouth From troubleshooting problems to installing new software and security, you can count on us to be your one-stop-shop for all queries PC and laptop related. Our service is flexible enough to offer repairs and upgrades in the comfort of your own home or alternatively, we can arrange to collect and re-deliver at… Continue Reading

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop computer Display Maintenance and repair Laptop computer Screen Replacement Cracked Laptop Screen, busted laptop computer display maintenance and repair plymouth The most typical mistake we take care of is that of a busted or split display. The majority of frequently induced by a knock to the display, shutting the laptop computer cover severely or… Continue Reading

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair Laptop Screen Replacement Cracked Laptop Screen, broken laptop screen repair plymouth The most common fault we deal with is that of a broken or cracked screen. Most commonly caused by a knock to the screen, closing the laptop lid harshly or many other accidental causes, it is suprisingly easy to damage your laptop… Continue Reading

Extend your Wi-Fi network throughout the house

Let us Extend your Wi-Fi network throughout the house. Aguru Computers are expert in all things Netwoking, including wifi networks. A lot of our large houses now are well out of range of our standard routers. Extending a Wi-Fi network can be as easy as playing with cardboard and tape, or as difficult as rewiring… Continue Reading

Windows ip conflict – Networks

Windows ip conflict can be a frustrating part of network diagnostics, Agurucomputers have the tools and skill to be able to pin down the offending network attached device and get you’re home and office networks back online. With so many devices now now attached to our networks all needing an IP, an Internet Protocol address… Continue Reading

Computer installation service

Aguru Computer Installation Service Getting a new computer, or want a guru computers to build you one. we can. Once that’s done, we will: Deliver it to your home Unpack the machine Configure your broadband Ensure your email is working Setup any printers, scanners or multifunctions Configure the machine onto your wireless network** Test that… Continue Reading

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