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Ipad help and setup Plymouth

Ipad help and setup Plymouth

ipad help setup & installation

So you’ve unboxed your new shinny ipad, what to do next?
There is a whole bunch of things we may want to do but are not sure how to achieve them.
Ipad Tuition
Print to an air printer
Set up our email accounts
Set up our wifi
Connect to your iPhone to use internet on the go.
Setup our Apple ID
Connect to our Apple TV
Play our music though our air speakers
Attach normal printers and speakers and get them connected wirelessly
Send our pictures we have taken to our desktop computer or Imac.

Aguru will help you set up and teach you to use any of the above tasks in the comfort of your own home. No fancy jargon, learn at your own speed.

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CryptoLocker viruses be aware.

Crime Agency warned computer users they have just two weeks to protect themselves from the GameOver Zeus, or GOZeuS, and CryptoLocker viruses that threaten to cost the nation millions of pounds. More than 15,000 people in the UK are already thought to have been infected with dangerous malware. GOZeuS hides within email attachments that when… Continue Reading

Computer installation service

Aguru Computer Installation Service Getting a new computer, or want a guru computers to build you one. we can. Once that’s done, we will: Deliver it to your home Unpack the machine Configure your broadband Ensure your email is working Setup any printers, scanners or multifunctions Configure the machine onto your wireless network** Test that… Continue Reading

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