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A look inside a late 2007 Macbook

Look-inside-late-2007-macbookTaking a look around the late 2007 macbook. Giving it a service and cleanup.
Testing memory modules, Optical drive, Hard drive write speeds.
Replacing the Battery, and top case.
Its typical for a mac of this age to have a dead battery and for the top case to have bad visual damage around the front case area.
A new top, battery and service will make this mac like new again, ready for a few more years trouble free computing.
If you would like your old macintosh computer serviced call Dave at Agurucomputers, part of


Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop computer Display Maintenance and repair Laptop computer Screen Replacement Cracked Laptop Screen, busted laptop computer display maintenance and repair plymouth The most typical mistake we take care of is that of a busted or split display. The majority of frequently induced by a knock to the display, shutting the laptop computer cover severely or… Continue Reading

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