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Fixed PowerBook G4 flashing folder – Question mark – Not booting.

Mac repair PlymouthAguru has a look at a Apple Powerbook G4 that will not boot, gets the chime, screen lights up but flashing folder with flashing question Mark. Diagnostics shows that the mac is not booting. On attaching a new hard drive still not booting?

So a strip down and clean up of the Powerbook shows a bad hd cable and hard drive. Its unusual to get both go down at the same time but this old Mac laptop is 10 years old.
Supplied and installation of a new hd cable and hard drive, the older Macs used a ATA/IDE type hard drive. Formatted the drive to the correct file format and operating system loaded the mac boots up. 🙂

Another vintage Titanium Powerbook G4 restored to its former glory.



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