Computer Health Check

Computer Health Check and Optimization

If your computer is running slow, this maybe caused by viruses, spyware and many other factors. Our Computer Health Check and Optimization service completes the following task and more are completed to secure and optimization your computer and make it like new again.

  • Check your Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software is up to date
  • Check you Firewall is setup correctly.
  • Secure and Optimize Windows
  • All critical Microsoft updates have been applied
  • Block Adverts on websites
  • A disk clean to safely remove temporary files which are not required
  • Applications no longer needed are removed
  • Remove non-essential start-up software (to speed up loading)
  • The system registry has been optimised
  • Diagnose hardware and software issues

If you have no Anti Virus and/or Anti Spyware software installed, we can provide industry leading fast and free Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software.

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