DC Jack Replacement

Laptop Power Jack Repair

Does your laptop have a broken DC power jack?

DC Jack RepairSymptoms of a broken DC power jack:

  • The laptop only operates when you hold the power cord in a certain direction.
  • The laptop only runs on battery power.
  • The laptop gets no power at all.
  • The laptop will not charge the battery.
  • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.
  • The laptop suddenly shuts off.
  • Sparks come out of the back of the laptop. (This is always bad)

How does it break.

  • The power jack on most models of laptops do not have enough reinforcement within the structure of the casing and motherboard to handle the stress caused by movement of the power plug.
  • Some power jacks simply fail under normal operation of your computer. After a year or two of usage, parts just come loose on certain models.
  • Sometimes the laptop gets dropped and the cord yanks the DC jack loose.
  • The laptop is moved around a lot. After the DC jack is moved back and forth enough times, it comes loose.

How much does it cost to fix

  • Aguru on an average replacement will replace your laptops DC Power Jack from £49.99

dcjack-repair-laptopDC Jack repair on gamers laptop
dcjack-repair-laptopIn the workshop today, well just one of the jobs is a gamers laptop that will not charge because of a broken or loose dc power jack. This is the socket that you plug in your battery power lead to charge your laptop. If this gets loose or breaks then it can render your laptop redundant. Luckily enough Dave at Agurucomputers can supply and fit a new dc jack for you.
Now we don’t always have the part in stock but it normally gets delivered within a couple of day, meaning your laptop is back with you the same week.

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