Networks & Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Network and wireless networking services and installation.

If you need help setting up your home or office network then Agurucomputers can help.

We can help setup your wifi printer, network printer, home or office network, NAS, and more.

Home Networks.
Home networks  are coming more popular now with the family having many gadgets they would like to connect to the web, share files, movies, internet.

Office Networks
File sharing between staff, Printer sharing, Wifi access, secure file sharing, new office network installation

How we can help you how you can benefit from a wireless network:

  • Cost effective wireless network installation for homes or small-to-medium-size businesses
  • Adding wireless capability to your existing home or business network
  • Home or business Wi-Fi Network Configuration and setup
  • Cable free, secure wireless network solutions for homes and businesses
  • Wireless WAN / VPN Network solutions for businesses
  • Wireless network security solutions for home or business
  • Wireless network troubleshooting for homes or small-to-medium size businesses
  • Wireless networks for schools, colleges and universities
  • Digital Home Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless technology was developed by the radio-astronomer John O’Sullivan and was originally intended to be used in cashier systems. A wireless access point enables many devices to connect to a wired base router, allowing a quick and easy connection between multiple computers, printers and modern compatible mobile technology such as phones, tablets and Smart Phones.

Data can be shared effortlessly within the wireless network and devices can easily be added or removed from the system. As the signal is transmitted through radio waves – rather than restricted by cabling – reception can be picked up anywhere within the wireless area, supporting the latest trend of working away from a desk using portable devices.

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