Portable Appliance Testing Plymouth

Pat Testing Plymouth


Pat Testing PlymouthWhile PAT testing is not required by law, it is strongly encouraged. By testing your portable electronics and appliances, you significantly reduce the likelihood of fire, accident, and injury.
Over 5,000 fires and accidents are cause each year by faulty appliances, most of which could be avoided with timely testing.

How Often Should You Test?

Annual testing is sufficient for most residential electrical appliances, and even for most office electronics. However, appliances used round the clock, or for industrial purposes could benefit from more frequent testing. Every 6 months is typically sufficient.

Track Your Testing

The easiest way to keep track of your PAT testing is to add testing to your seasonal checklists. Test your electrical appliances at the same time each year, and keep an updated list of all items that need to be tested. In most cases, your new appliances do not need to be tested—but if you purchase something secondhand it is wise to have it tested.

What Should You Have Tested?

PAT testing should be performed on every large appliance, electrical tool, industrial machine, or small to mid-sized home or office equipment. Just ask, and I can provide a lists of the most common items tested.

Portable appliance testing is available to Plymouth home Pat Testing Plymouth and business owners for as low as £45.00—a minimal investment for a potentially life-saving service. Reach out now to schedule your PAT Test.

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