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PC Repairs Plymouth – No Callout Fee 🙂 99% fixed on site

April 13, 2014 by David Prout
Computer repair plymouthIs your computer playing up? Need PC Repair Plymouth, Won’t boot up or keep getting annoying messages like “illegal operation” or “fatal exception error”? BCD ERRORS, Freezing won’t let you turn it off. Won’t let you dial up the internet or get mail. Need PC Repairs in Plymouth ? .Cant connect to your wireless router. Or Maybe it’s just getting really slow, Malware on your Pc, Virus or Trojans giving your trouble, then just give Aguru a call. We will come out to you. Aguru computers Plymouth, mobile computer repairs, pc repair in Plymouth, laptop repairs, Networks, Internet problems, wireless internet, router set up, Server setups and backups, software and hardware problems fixed. Hacker detection and prevention. Web script, coding, programming. No call out charge to Plymouth and surrounding areas. 95% fixed in situ. Home and office. Average fixes in one hour. We can now offer a cloud remote backup, a place to store your important files and photos. All computers will eventually need services and repairs. There are some user services that can be performed by those with average computer knowledge; however, repairs are best left to professional technicians. Indeed, most people do not know that the computer must be opened and physically cleaned at least once per year. Dust collection traps heat inside the computera??s case. Excess heat affects the stable operation of electronic components, and can lead to their ultimate demise. Common Repairs
The most common repair problems are due to viruses, spyware and electronic maintenance issues like hard drive defragmentation and Windows registry problems. Blue screen errors, printer problems, error messages, internet connectivity issues and computer freeze-ups are also typical repair problems.
ok we have a scalable pay rate that we publish here so its clear from the start what you will be expected to pay for our services. ( we get paid by time not by job )
If you’d like us to work with you for one hour you will get charged £38.00
If you’d like us to work with you for two hours you will be charged only £60.00
If its three hours you like to hire our services then you will only get charged £80.00
if you would like us to work for you for the whole day setting up your I.T equipment, training, or giving computer solutions then our rate is £150.00
PC Repair Plymouth

Sep 13, 2014 by David
PC REPAIR plymouthGOT A NEW COMPUTER Ipad or Imac ?
Need help installing software or setting it up.
Give Agurucomputers a call and we will do it all.
Friendly service To your home or Office.

Cost effective PC Repair, wireless network installation for homes or small-to-medium-size businesses
Adding wireless capability to your existing home or business network
Home or business Wi-Fi Network Configuration and setup
Cable free, secure wireless network solutions for homes and businesses
Wireless network security solutions for home or business
Wireless network troubleshooting for homes or small-to-medium size business.
IT systems are crucial business assets. Downtime can be very expensive, and loss of data can be terminal. That’s why it’s important to make sure your IT systems are running smoothly and safely. And if things go wrong, you need them fixed quickly and effectively so that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.
We are specialists in diagnosing and pc repair and pc help in plymouthPlymouth, we repair all manner of computer problems. If you’re having problems with upgrades, or your computer is running slow, or even if it’s dead, we can help!
Virus Removal, Spy ware Removal, Wireless Network, Upgrades, Broadband Installation, Computer setup, computer repair herts, Computer Services and much more!

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