Vintage Apple Imac gets a new Hard drive

Vintage Mac RepairThis project was interesting, a Dentist wanted a new hard drive fitted to his Imac 27″ but the data is confidential so could not leave the surgery, So I did all the work in the practice. This sort of task takes a lot of thinking about as you need to be aware of all the tools you will need. A good clean work space, anti static mat in place, and work begins taking off the large glass front, great care needed as its easy to break. Working then on the main large LCD Display, this is screwed in with 8 torque screws, once loose you need to be careful because behind the screen you will see 4 cables still attached. Once these are carefully removed you then have access to the components. Old hard drive out, general clean up around the fans and mac, New hard drive fitted and all parts back in reverse. To complete the task the new disk needs to be partitioned and formatted before the OS gets installed, then finally the clients data is migrated back on the new drive. JOB DONE 🙂

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